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Blockchain community rallies around Australian bushfire relief effort

Bateman's Bay 2020 New Year's Eve
Unfortunately this is a photo from Michael's holiday...

The devastating impact of the ongoing Australian bushfires is hard to conceptualise, with almost 2,000 homes destroyed, more than 20 confirmed dead, and millions of acres of land burned. Joining the massive fundraising effort being spearheaded by Celeste Barber, among others, Australian company Finder, in partnership with HiveEx, has established a fundraising appeal to facilitate crypto donations.

The Crypto Bushfire Fundraiser is currently accepting donations in the following major cryptocurrencies:

  1. BTC

  2. ETH

  3. USDT (ERC20)

  4. USDC (ERC20)

  5. XRP

  6. BCH

  7. LTC

  8. DOGE

The Crypto Bushfire Fundraiser intends to convert funds raised into Australian dollars and donate them to the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS). This is an excellent initiative to encourage the international community to rally around the fundraising effort quickly, easily and avoiding significant transaction fees.

Finder and HiveEx have promised to make no profit from any spread, margin or fees through the fundraiser. At the time of writing, the BTC wallet contains over $120, the ETH wallet contains over $35.

For those looking to contribute without donating crypto, fiat donations to the Australian Red Cross, Foodbank and state-based fire brigades like the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, Victoria's Country Fire Authority and South Australia's Country Fire Service all go towards bushfire relief.


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