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Blockchain Regulation & Australian Senate Issues Paper Review - 5 November 2019

Updated: May 2

Blockchain Professionals Sydney, and Piper Alderman are hosting an event on 5 November 2019 to discuss the Australian Senate's Committee into Fintech and Regtech Issues Paper. Released on October 23, the Issues Paper is calling for submissions on:

  • the scope of opportunity in Fintech / Regtech;

  • barriers to the uptake of these new technologies;

  • how FinTech reform and benchmarking is taking place

  • current RegTech practices and opportunities;

  • the effectiveness of current government initiatives in promoting a positive Fintech environment; and

  • how should Australia take a prominent role in supporting and developing international blockchain standards.

The event will be presented by:

  1. Michael Bacina presenting the Issues Paper and give an update on regulation in other jurisdictions;

  2. Nick Giurietto giving an overview of the work Blockchain Australia has been doing and the opportunity to have a voice in the conversation by making a submission; and

  3. Chloe White will be explaining the submissions process.

Link to register for the event here.


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