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  • Writer's pictureT Skevington and M Bacina

Cybersecurity, CBDCs and digital transformation: Blockchain Australia webinar

Blockchain Australia hosted an excellent webinar this week on the Blockchain use case in Cybersecurity. With cybersecurity emerging as a national priority, almost 300 attendees joined the webinar to hear from the top shelf panel including:

  1. Senator Andrew Bragg (Liberal Senator for New South Wales);

  2. Joni Pirovich (Special Counsel - Mills Oakley);

  3. Chloe White (Department Of Industry - National Blockchain Roadmap Lead);

  4. Guy Harrison (Founder & Chief Technology Officer - ProvenDB); and

  5. John Paitaridis (Chief Executive Officer - CyberCX).

Highlights from the presentations included:

Tentative confirmation from Senator Andrew Bragg that:

  1. amendments to the Corporations Act facilitating virtual AGM's and electronic signatures by companies should be extended beyond the current 5 November 2020 deadline;

  2. the Reserve Bank of Australia is actively researching developments in Central Bank Digital Currencies internationally, but has no plans to proceed with developing or issuing an Australian digital currency at this juncture.

Chloe White, National Blockchain Roadmap Lead, confirmed that progress on the Australian National Blockchain Roadmap continues apace and with the overwhelming interest in the working groups with over 200 applications, it is likely that additional working groups will be established.

We look forward to seeing what comes next!


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