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From New York to your new couch, Consensus: Distributed kicks off next week

Updated: May 2

Ordinarily, many of us would be getting ready at this time of year to fly over to New York to attend one of the biggest annual events on the blockchain calendar, Consensus. This year, of course, is slightly different, but Consensus: Distributed is still going ahead on 11 May, albeit entirely online, and free to attend for anyone.

Running from 11 May to 15 May, this year Consensus presents over 150 speakers, including:

  1. Caitlin Long, Founder and CEO of Avanti Bank;

  2. Changpeng 'CZ' Zhao, Founder and CEO of Binance;

  3. Christina Lomazzo, Blockchain Lead at UNICEF; and

  4. Sheila Warren, Head of Blockchain, Digital Currency and Data Policy at the World Economic Forum.

Arguing that there has never been a better time to discuss how blockchain can solve global problems, Consensus: Distributed suggests that:

The very fabric of our financial system is being put to the ultimate stress test. Central banks are operating with the belief that there is “an infinite amount of cash.” Is this true?
Can central banks continue to prop up the system? What does this mean for the future of money?
Will cryptocurrencies find their moment or will the future be ruled by central bank digital currencies like China’s new digital yuan?
Will we see a rise in decentralized governance solutions to fill the void left by waning confidence in major institutions

Of course there will be a sore lack of side-conferences and after parties which we can only hope will be replaced by some Zoom / Houseparty drinks and gatherings.

You can register for Consensus: Distributed here.


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