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ING Crypto Survey

Updated: May 2

ING has released an international survey "From cash to crypto: the money revolution".  They asked people what they knew about cryptocurrencies and what the future might hold. 


  1. Misunderstanding and misconception remains rife (with 52% of people not understanding there is no central body to control Ethereum or Bitcoin);

  2. 51% did believe "most stores" accepted cryptocurrency in the EU (sadly nowhere near true);

  3. Turkey had a 62% positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies with Australia trailing at 18% (on par with Germany but behind the UK, Czech, France, Italy, Spain)

  4. Mixed feelings on whether cryptocurrencies will expand in use or are the future, split 30/30/30 on most questions.

  5. 40% of those surveyed opposed banks offering accounts denominated in cryptocurrencies.

  6. A huge majority said they wouldn't send money to people using social media (not the best news for Libra)

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