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NFL hand out NFTs to Super Bowl attendees

Updated: May 3

The National Football League (NFL) announced plans to hand out a unique non-fungible token (NFT) to all fans who attend Super Bowl LVI between the Los Angeles Rans and the Cincinnati Bengals.

The NFTs have been customised to include each section, row and seat for each of the 100,000 expected fans as a way to commemorate gameday. The digital keepsake is designed to engage with fans but also test the NFT waters, as described by Bobby Gallo, Senior Vice President of Club Business Development, in a statement:

offering customized Super Bowl NFTs allows us to enhance the gameday experience, while also enabling us to further evaluate the NFT space for future ticketing and event engagement opportunities.

These NFTs are the next generations equivalent of collecting a ticket stub and have garnered great success when offered during the regular season:

We witnesses great success with this one-of-a-kind fan experience, which provided the momentum to continue this program throughout the postseason and ultimately at Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles.

Over 250,000 complimentary NFTs have been released this season, not including the 100,00 set to be offered at the Super Bowl. The NFL is also releasing club specific NFTs for the participating teams and plans to release a final NFT of the Super Bowl winning team later this month.

The NFL, and its players, have been heavily involved in digital assets in recent months. Odell Beckham Junior, a wide receiver for Super Bowl contestant LA Rams is currently being paid his salary in bitcoin while Tom Brady's NFT marketplace, Autograph, raised USD$170m in funding.

Super Bowl LVI will be the first major international sporting event to offer NFT's, or non-fungible ticket stubs, to its fans.


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