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  • S Fetouh and M Bacina

Polygon Launches Use Case Collection

Updated: May 3

Polygon has launched a community initiative to showcase a use case collection that aims to champion the best of what Web3 has to offer, aiming to show policymakers globally that the Web3 ecosystem is filled with blockchain-based applications that have a positive impact on the way in which we engage and transact with the new era of the Internet, and providing a valuable counterpoint to narratives that denigrate web3 and blockchain.

The showcase is seeking applications built or under construction, which positively influence and impact Internet users socially, sustainably, from an education perspective, from a Web3 social and Web3 gaming perspective, as well as enabling transactions involving payments, remittances and DeFi. The collection will gather all the use cases in one place, making it easy for the community, policymakers and regulators to locate, without getting lost in an ever-evolving space of new designs and emerging technologies.

This crowdsourcing initiative involves compiling a use case database, based on contributions from the community tapping into their knowledge of what is happening in the ecosystem. The database of new and innovative applications, which will be open-source, will emphasise how the Internet and web3 are being utilised fundamentally for good.

Contributions can be made via a Google form that will collect information about an application but also permit submitters to leave out certain information about the developers or operators of projects.

The database will be published when an unspecified number of use cases have been collected with an intention to further update the database regularly as more use cases are collected.

If you would like to contribute to this community initiative, see here.


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