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WeWork welcomes digital currencies for payments in and out

Updated: May 3

The global powerhouse of shared office space, which has had a surprising rebound during COVID after it's much maligned attempted initial public offering last year, has announced it will be receiving payments in digital currencies and offering to make payments in digital currencies as well.

WeWork joins other high profile businesses accepting digital currencies which include Wikipedia, Microsoft, AT&T, Overstock, Twitch, the Miami Dolphins, the Dallas Mavericks, and Piper Alderman (see here for a reasonably up to date list for the USA and here for a list of Australian retailers).

Marcelo Claure, Chairman of WeWork said:

When we think about the workplace of the future and business, we have to consider cryptocurrency a central part of that conversation. Cryptocurrency helps build a stronger global economy and WeWork’s announcement demonstrates the company’s commitment not only to innovation, but also to being a globally-focused business.

What is notable is that WeWork plans to both accept and make payments to landlords and third party partners who want to be paid in digital currency, which is a step further than merely accepting Bitcoin. WeWork is partnering with BitPay and Coinbase to offer this additional functionality, which is sure to help in the mainstreaming of digital assets.

Here is Australia, RelayPay was Piper Alderman's choice of partner to offer payment of any invoices in a range of digital assets including the major cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.


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