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  • B Vrettos and M Bacina

BTC Markets ISO 27001 certified

Updated: May 3

The ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems Standard sets the bar for the best practice information security management. BTC Markets, one of Australia's largest digital currency exchanges, has announced it been awarded the certification by a world leading standards body, the British Standards Institution.

BTC Markets reports:

The ISO 27001 certificate is highly sought-after by banks and other institutions within the financial services sector. It signifies that the entity in question has a robust information security management system that meets the highest of industry standards at a global level.

Having transacted over AUD$14.1 billion in trades for over 300,000 customers, security and risk management is at the forefront of mind for BTC Markets. The ISO standard aims to protect against the risks of "fraud; espionage; sabotage; and natural causes" via controls implemented in the business. CoinSpot, another of Australia's top exchanges by trading volume, received ISO 27001 accreditation a year ago.

A certification of this level demonstrates the increasing sophistication of digital currency exchanges which need to mitigate against the risk they face, including scams and hacks. The rise of digital currency exchange certification is only a further indicator of confidence in the digital asset space, which we hope this will continue to dispel the myths and critiques about scams that often are raised by media.


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