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AO Art Ball serves up real world value

AO Metaverse, the company that released the AO Art Ball Collection for the 2022 Australian Open, sold out in three minutes during its release in January this year, has announced a significant giveaway to holders of the AO Art Ball NFT. In collaboration with Tennis Australia, AO Art Ball holders will be entitled to two Ground Passes to the 2023 Australian Open for each Art Ball they own and exclusive behind-the-scenes streams.

There are currently 6,774 Art Ball Collection NFTs, all available on OpenSea, making this the largest release of tickets to an Australian Open membership program in the history of the Australian Open. Holders of multiple Art Balls get to claim up to 20 tickets if they happen to hold many Art Balls.

Holders will receive passes to finals week, running from January 23 to January 29, access to United Cup matches, player-cams, 3D Stats Explorer and AI personalised match highlights. Chief Commercial Officer of Tennis Australia, Cedric Cornelius, said:

As one of the world’s biggest sport and entertainment events, we are always exploring opportunities to innovate, and we’re excited by the additions planned for AO ArtBall 2023. We look forward to welcoming AO ArtBall holders to experience the AO this summer

AOArtBalls were assigned a plot on the tennis court, and if a winning shot from any of the Australian Open matches landed on that plot, the Art Ball corresponding to that plot was updated in real-time to highlight that match information, and a digital holographic sticker appeared on the ball casing. The plots will be reset for this year's Open and so all ArtBall holders have a new shot at this upgrade feature.

The AO Art Balls won the Entertainment Cannes Lions award for Sport and has been considered a leading Australian Web3 project, bridging the purely digital NFT space into the real world.


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