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Applications open for National Blockchain Roadmap Working Groups

The National Blockchain Roadmap Steering Committee has invited the Australian blockchain community to express interest in joining two working groups to tackle the issues around supply chains and credentialing as part of the National Blockchain Roadmap.

The two working groups will focus initially on the following:

  1. supply chain use cases in the agricultural section; and

  2. credentialing use cases in education.

The Chair of the Steering Committee and the Digital Economy and Technology Division Head, Narelle Luchetti stated that:

By recognising the rich opportunities that exist to leverage blockchain across our economy, these collaborative working groups will play a central role. They will help progress two important use cases for this technology - supply chain and credentialing.

The working groups are part of the National Blockchain Roadmap which was released in February 2020. It highlighted the potential of blockchain solutions and opportunities for three main use cases and was much anticipated by the blockchain community.

The first use case was the agricultural industry that has a total production of over $60 million in 2018-19 but is faced with counterfeiting and infringement of intellectual property issues that could potentially be resolved with blockchain solutions.

The second use case identified in the Roadmap was credentials and the benefits for consumers by facilitating trust in professional and trade services and employers by facilitating trusted information about skills and education through blockchain solutions.

The third use case was for Know Your Customer in the financial sector and building competition in the Australian financial system through minimising switching limitations due to customer due diligence requirements.

Chloe White, the National Blockchain Roadmap Lead said that:

We are committed to engaging the community as much as possible to ensure that the Roadmap is implemented in a genuinely collaborative way. The Australian blockchain sector is highly energised to participate in policy processes... with around 50 applications submitted on the first day!

The expression of interest process is open until 22 July 2020 for the roles of Chair, Deputy Chair, Member or Key Contributor and requests that you provide details about your skills and experience for the volunteer positions. It is encouraged by the Steering Committee to express your interest as, even if you do not work in supply chain or credentialing, the list of applicants will be used to form additional working groups later in the year.

If you are interested in being part of the working groups or working groups in the future, you can apply here or contact the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.


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