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Australian National University and Ripple roll out Blockchain Law Courses

Updated: May 2

CoinTelegraph has been reporting that Australian National University has partnered with Ripple to bring two new postgraduate level Blockchain Law courses into their masters of law program.

These courses are being developed in conjunction with Ripple's Blockchain Research Initiative. The courses are being led by Scott Chamberlin, who is an entrepreneurial fellow at the ANU School Of Law. Chamberlin runs the Lex Automagica platform at ANU which received $1M of funding from Ripple earlier this year.

Chamberlin was interviewed by CoinTelegraph recently and said:

Imagine an eBay-like platform that can resolve consumer law disputes without engaging the court system

The take up of smart contracts to automate the legal system in Australia was touted in the oddly named Australian National Blockchain project, which caught media attention but has since been very silent (we hear it will be relaunched with new branding sometime this year) but only the DeFi space has seen a widespread usage of smart contract examples which are publicly accessible and provide learning examples. keeps a running tab on the total number of Dapps, which focus on financial services, crypto exchanges, gaming and gambling at this time.


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