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  • J McGlynn and M Bacina

Blockchain Australia on Tour

Updated: May 3

Blockchain Australia is gearing up for a US tour with appearances scheduled for the Consensus and NFT NYC events. Last year, CoinDesk announced that Consensus, it’s largest annual event, would return to an in-person format to be held in Austin, Texas on 9 June to 12 June 2022. In recent years, Consensus has been heralded as one of the most influential events in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The next stop planned for Blockchain Australia is the NFT.NYC event to be held in Times Square, New York City on June 20 through June 23 2022. The event has been regarded as:

one of the largest annual events for the industry bringing together brands, entrepreneurs, investors, collectors, artists and founders of projects.

The co-founder of NFT.NYC Jodee Rich has recently said:

This is our fourth year hosting the event. The addition of Radio City Music Hall to the lineup of great venues will provide an ideal platform for some of the most exciting speakers within the NFT community.

Steve Vallas, the Chief Executive Officer at Blockchain Australia, has made several announcements on his Twitter account, praising Blockchain Australia’s involvement in these events and putting out the call for industry leaders and participants to join in on the adventure.

New York has certainly been no stranger to NFT events recently, with an emerging NFT ‘party scene’ on the rise. David Fields, CEO and Founder of Afterparty, has explained:

Digital art is just the beginning of how profound NFTs will be for the creator economy… Afterparty’s NFTs serve as verifiable digital assets that give owners a membership to experience exclusive events and the vibrant community that is Afterparty—the festival brings all of this to life. We believe NFT art deserves its own celebration, to be front and centre as the main event. Whether you’re an emerging artist, Grammy-winning musician, new to crypto or a veteran collector, Afterparty welcomes you to one of the most creative, diverse and exciting experiences in the world.

NFT.NYC, which has been branded the ‘Super Bowl’ of NFTs by Coinbase, has reported over 3,500 registrations already. It’s an exciting indication of what’s in store for Australian blockchain industry leaders such as Blockchain Australia.


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