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  • B Vrettos and M Bacina

Blockchain Week: A conversation with Kain Warwick

Updated: May 3

Blockchain entrepreneur, founder of Synthetix and CEO at Blueshyft, Kain Warwick, was interviewed by Michael Bacina during Blockchain Week about his contributions to the decentralised and digital asset space, regulation and what’s next for Synthetix.

Kain shared his perspective about approaching Synthetix with a hybrid infrastructure that featured both a decentralised system to enable the issuance of synthetic assets combined with the governance of the Synthetix Foundation.

Now the Synthetix Foundation has been decommissioned, Kain spoke about how this primed Synthetix to lay the groundwork for the move to full decentralised governance. A key challenge of decentralised governance, to make pivoting, updating and changing too challenging and slow, remains. As an example, Kain pointed to Aragon which has been subject to governance fractures as a symptom of its hindered speed from scale. This is a challenge that the decentralised community has previously learnt from and seeks to address as Kain reiterates that

as a community, we're going to work through this together.

Kain also mentioned that:

The market is still highly inefficient [and] we need to introduce more sophisticated products...

Want to hear the full interview? The recording is live now.


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