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  • J Markezic and M Bacina

Bondi sees Satellite NFT Exhibit soar!

Bondi beach is hosting Satellite, a twofold, month-long digitally immersive & sensory experience of 3D NFT artworks, delivering a safe learning space for visitors to discover, learn about collecting & creating NFTs, and enjoy some amazing art on screens ranging from super amazing 1980s CRTs through to huge OLED and LCD screens. The whole thing is also carbon neutral.

27 of the most innovative NFT artists have their work being showcased, with more than 50 works on display, including art from Jonathan Zawada, BossLogic, David McLeod, Serwah Attafuah, Yambo, Trevor Jones & well renown NFT artist Beeple.

Senator Andrew Bragg delivered a keynote speech at the event, saying:-

It's only fair that digital artists have the same opportunity to be paid for their work in the same way musicians are and NFTs enable that... we want to make policy from artists, we need to know the tax and regulatory settings need to be to support artists... if we have uncompetitive tax settings in particular we will not be able to lead in this space.

The exhibit is open to the public for free from Wednesday - Friday, 11am-6pm and Saturday - Sunday, 10am-5pm. Doors open at 11am on 10 March at Twenty Twenty Six Gallery in Bondi at 17 O'Brien St and they have updates on Twitter (@SatelliteNFTart) and Instagram (@SatelliteNFTArt).

Satellite is supported by excellent crypto companies and other sponsors including including Prism, Hublot, Hennessy, Apollo Capital, CoinSpot, Illuvium, Mawson Infrastructure Group, Lygon, ViewSonic, QT Bondi, Carbon Neutral and Studio Messa.


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