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CryptoKitties creators craft custom chain

Updated: May 2

CryptoKitties was an overnight sensation in 2017 (with over US$1M spent on digital cats within days of launch), and at one point threatened the stability of the Ethereum Blockchain.

Now the creators of CryptoKitties have announced that they have developed their own blockchain, designed to support smart contracts and game development (and explicitly not designed to enable fast payments etc). This new blockchain is called Flow.

A who's who of Blockchain venture capital funding including Andreessen Horowitz have been named as funders of the new chain and a raft of entertainment businesses have signed up as partners, including Warner Music.

The gaming space has been a hot area of growth for blockchain, enabling in game currencies and collectibles to be issued without risk of central devaluation. Given the rising boom in video game trading collectibles, blockchain is an excellent fit for this use case.


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