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Entertainment giants Disney and Sony embracing a Web3 future

In a magical move that's making waves, entertainment juggernaut Disney is stepping into the blockchain realm with the announcement of their NFT collectibles platform, Disney Pinnacle. Partnering with Dapper Labs, the group behind the wildly popular NBA Top Shot NFT marketplace, Disney Pinnacle is aiming to bring collecting and trading of Disney IP into the digital realm.

Much to the excitement of Disney fans and blockchain enthusiasts alike, Dapper Labs Co-Founder and CEO Roham Gharegozlou announced the news on X:

Drawing inspiration from the iconic pins scattered across Disney's theme parks, this platform will mint pin-inspired digital collectibles as NFTs on the Flow blockchain, the same network that powers the slam-dunk success of NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day. Enthusiasts will be able to own a digital pin featuring the charisma of Buzz Lightyear, the beauty of Disney Princesses, or the dark allure of Darth Vader—no longer confined to physical pinboards but securely nestled in the digital universe.

Disney Pinnacle is designed exclusively for mobile, and promises that fans can dive into the world of NFT collectibles with ease. Gharegozlou assured fans that this platform wasn't just a remix of Top Shot; it's said to be a carefully curated platform for the everyday fans and high-end collectors. While the platform is currently twirling on the tip-toes of a waitlist, Gharegozlou stated there will be gradual onboarding process for users to beta-test the experience before its official launch.

As Disney dances into the blockchain spotlight, Sony is also poised to join in the rhythm in what is a powerful duo of the entertainment industry embracing blockchain technology. Just over a month ago, Sony announced that it was partnering with Web3 builder Startale Labs to build their own blockchain. In a recent blog post on the Sony Group portal, Sony announced plans to leverage blockchain beyond the confines of cryptocurrency, echoing a transformative belief in blockchain's potential to reshape social systems.

By harnessing its vast reservoirs of intellectual property across electronics, movies, music, video games, and finance, Sony envisions a future where blockchain orchestrates a harmonious exchange of information. Masaaki Isozu, president of Sony Global Education, believes blockchain has the potential to challenge the established norms of capitalism. Sony Music Entertainment's newest service is called "soundmain", and the company is intending to leverage blockchain technology to manage copyright information.

As Disney and Sony step onto the blockchain stage, the footsteps of these two titans sends a resounding signal to the world—the era of blockchain isn't just a digital spectacle, but has the power to reshape industries. Transcending just cryptocurrency speculation, blockchain as a technology has the potential to usher in a new era of innovation and collaboration.

By Michael Bacina, Steven Pettigrove and Luke Higgins


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