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FinCEN rehires Chainalysis executive to confront cyber crimes

Updated: May 2

Chief Technical Counsel of Chainalysis, Michael Mosier, will return to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network in a new role as Deputy Director and Digital Innovation Officer. FinCEN Director Kenneth Blanco says that Mosier is the “right person with the right skills, at exactly the right time.”

This was announced in an official FinCEN release, where Blanco said:

He brings a range of public and private sector experience that will help FinCEN proactively engage with industry and government partners to confront emerging threats and to capitalize on diverse opportunities in the financial and national security spaces.

In his new role, he will be helping the bureau with its work:

to protect the financial integrity and national security of the United States.

Chainalysis utilises an elliptic AML blockchain software which enables banks, financial institutions and crypto exchanges to assess the risk posed by cryptoasset transactions, and seamlessly identify transactions linked to money laundering, cybercrime, or sanctions evasion and confidently meet AML/CTF and sanctions regulatory obligations. The company has been the research powerhouse behind recent prosecutions such as the Welcome to Video takedown and the arrest of an Ohio man for allegedly laundering significant sums of money connected with darkweb illegal markets. Chainalysis issues an annual report which is very interesting reading.

With Mosier’s return, FinCEN is potentially is preparing to set out what they call an “array of reforms.” If passed, the reforms would apparently strengthen the bureau’s position with tougher AML penalties, and may open the door to further modifications in the AML framework. This is a promising example of US regulatory bodies utilising blockchain technology to lead the charge against money laundering and other forms of cybercrime.


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