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Growth in smart contract testing services with EY public beta launch

Updated: May 2

EY recently launched a public beta of its Smart Contract Analyzer, following the announcement and private beta of the tool in early 2019. Currently, the tool is limited to ERC-20-based smart contracts, but allows a range of input methods, including direct copy and paste of code, uploaded Solidity files (compatible with multiple versions of Solidity from v0.1.3 up to v0.5.11).

Paul Brody, EY Global Innovation Leader said:

Our clients are increasingly entrusting key enterprise business processes and valuable investments to software code. We don’t run enterprise computing systems without anti-virus tools and it only makes sense to run blockchain-based investment systems with smart contract and token testing tools.

EY's Smart Contract Analyzer joins a growing offering of smart contract analysis tools in the market, including:

There are also numerous consulting firms offering smart contract audit and testing service. As smart contracts continue to become more sophisticated, and more integrated into business processes, tools which analyze and test smart contracts will become increasingly important.

As yet there have been no reported court decisions on liability for smart contracts which have misbehaved after being tested and audited, but this can only be a matter of time.

In addition to the Smart Contract Analyzer, EY has announced a suite of blockchain solutions and upgrades at the recent EY Global Blockchain Summit including the release of the first generation of EY Ops Chain Public Edition into the public domain, as well as the second generation of EY Ops Chain and EY Blockchain Analyzer.


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