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Libra: Five months and growing stronger

Updated: May 2

Having only been announced 5 months ago, it is difficult to think of a project more polarizing, chastised, disparaged and dissected than Libra.

It has now been nearly a month since the Libra Association charter was signed by its members in Geneva, and since then, Libra have stated in their recent blog post entitled, 'Five months and growing strong' that they have been "working diligently to build the global community of developers and the technical infrastructure needed to support it."

In the blog post, Libra have outlined what they have been recently working on. These include:

  • Publishing a detailed technical roadmap

  • Improving the testnet, which has logged more than 51,000 transactions since a reset on 17 September 2019

  • Integrating with GitHub

  • Teaching developers how to work with the Libra network

  • Launching a Bug Bounty program.

Libra also pronounced that their developers had logged a total of 34 projects in 7 weeks since launch of the testnet.

The Libra Association has set its sights on deploying 100 nodes on the mainnet, representing a mix of on-premises and cloud-hosted infrastructure. This is intended to create a greater level of resiliency on the network through a wider diversity of infrastructure.

In their post, Libra also outline the progress that they have made towards their roadmap, completing:

  • Libra Canonical Serialization (LCS)

  • MVP for full nodes

  • MVP for vectors in Move (Libra's smart contract language)

  • Events

It seems as though it is all hands on deck in the Libra offices, with no signs of slowing down despite all the spotlight of recent hearings in the US Senate and Congress by both Libra and Facebook and rumour driven news articles. Libra seems poised to continue to grow.


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