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NASDAQ partners with blockchain consortium R3 to deliver institutional digital asset services

Updated: May 2

Nasdaq, the world’s second-largest stock exchange and capital markets technology company, has entered a partnership with R3, the enterprise blockchain solutions firm. 

The partnership was announced by R3 on 29 April 29 2020. The announcement also confirms that Nasdaq’s Market Technology business will leverage R3’s enterprise blockchain software Corda, along with professional services and support in building full lifecycle solutions for digital assets marketplaces.

The partnership purports to be long-term, but non-exclusive, meaning that Nasdaq can still explore and develop other digital asset or blockchain opportunities without R3's involvement.

Without wanting to show my Australian bias, perhaps a future partnership with the ASX and Digital Asset should be on the cards?

Cathy Minter, Chief Revenue Office at R3 said:-

Financial institutions are becoming increasingly aware of the huge potential for servicing the needs of digital assets. We can help them accommodate these assets with solutions that are designed for more secure, reliable and regulated environments.

Johan Toll, the head of digital assets at Nasdaq, said that they entered into a partnership discussion with R3 because of R3’s compatibility with highly regulated environments that have a high threshold for the quality of services. 

Their platform fits well into Nasdaq’s technology ecosystem and by connecting to the platform, we can harness the power of a scalable design that delivers a new level of interoperability and ease of integration to any current legacy technology system.

Nasdaq, along with R3, plans to bridge the gap between financial institutions and blockchain-based digital asset solutions.


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