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Piper Alderman Hosts NFP Innovation and Collaboration Panel

Thanks for all who came (online and in person) to Piper Alderman's Not For Profit Innovation, Partnerships, Blockchain and AI talk - especially to our fantastic panel of Dermot O'Gorman of WWF and Panda Labs, Neil Alexander of Data Insite and Agi Reefman of Surgeahead, with the excellent moderating of Sarah Johnson of Pipers NFP Group.

Extra thanks to Leah Callon-Butler who took the best action photo of me doing a talk ever (I don't care if it's potato quality once cropped, given I usually appear to be crooning in most other action shots).

Some great insights from our panelists and interesting questions from the crowd.  It's impressive how much partnership and innovation comes from the NFP sector which can be both 'pure' NFP and Profit with Purpose, as Dermot says "The line continues to blur as social impact becomes more of a value than just a vision."

Further reading on blockchain:-

  1. A Don Tapscott explainer video (Blockchain and financial services); or

  2. Bitcoin explained with emojis for your inner millennial; and

  3. The original Bitcoin whitepaper which is only 8 pages and is well worth reading.

A few of the projects discussed:-


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