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  • L Misthos and S Pettigrove

Swish for .SWOOSH as Nike drop digital sneaker NFT collection

Nike is poised to launch a new line of digital sneakers exclusively on .SWOOSH, marking a significant move into the virtual footwear space. The recently-launched .SWOOSH platform will host the collectible non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and enable users to trade NFTs, create their own collections and earn royalties.

The NFT sneaker, Our Force 1 (OF1) sports the iconic Air Force 1 design. Nike will be airdropping "posters" to select .SWOOSH users allowing them early access to the May 8 sale before the collection opens to the public on May 10.

Users can purchase either the "Classic Remix" or the "New Wave" box, each corresponding to different designs. To commemorate the year that the first Air Force 1 sneaker was released, each box will be priced at $19.82.

Each "box" will contain an NFT with a 3D paired file that can be traded and used or worn in video games and other immersive experiences. Nike has said the broader utility of .SWOOSH may extend to allowing users to create their own collections, earn royalties and access physical products and experiences.

In a press release the general manager of Nike Virtual Studios Ron Faris commented on the new era for Nike products:

The OF1 collection shows how Nike will continue to innovate at the intersection of play and culture for the future of sports... .SWOOSH is the marketplace of the future

The .SWOOSH platform is still in a closed beta for testing and trials although prospective users can register for membership online. The NFT collection is expected to debut on the Polygon layer 2 blockchain, which is an Ethereum scaling solution. Unfortunately for virtual sneaker freaks, .SWOOSH is not currently supported in Australia.


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