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Tickets released for 2023 Blockchain Week!

Australia's annual Blockchain Week is upon us and tickets are available through the Blockchain Australia website. The event spans 5 days from Monday 26 June to Friday 30 June with in-person events in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne as well as national and global online event days.

The event is organised by Blockchain Australia and attendees will be treated to a diverse group of over 150 speakers, including Caitlin Long (Avanti Financial Group), Commissioner Hester M. Peirce (US Securities and Exchange Commission), Paul Stonham (ASX), Robbie Ferguson (Immutable) and many more.

Each of the five days will include different topics and events. On Day 1, the Sydney event will cover the evolution of banking, payment systems and the future of digital currency exchanges. Speakers from the Commonwealth Treasury, the Digital Finance CRC and ASX will be discussing regulatory reform, CBDCs and the future of digital trading platforms.

Day 2 is the blockchain Fringe Festival and includes events in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, including Australia's first Blockchain Lawyers' Forum event at Piper Alderman's Sydney office.

Brisbane will host Day 3 which will take the form of a Web3 classroom including beginner content for those new to the space. Topics include education, custody, NFTs, consumer protection, tax, careers and startups.

Day 4 of Blockchain Week is hosted entirely online, and will include an array of international speakers and panel discussions. Geopolitical trends, regulatory reform, emerging markets, and cross-border compliance will be considered.

Blockchain Week will wrap in Melbourne for Day 5 with robust panel discussions regarding building and innovation, NFTs, decentralised autonomous organizations and more.

There are over 70 events across the 5 days which you can register for here.


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