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Australian Senate Fintech Inquiry Issues Paper is here

The Australian Senate's Committee into Fintech and Regtech has released an issues paper calling for responses to 32 questions facing the Australian industry.

Senator Andrew Bragg is chairing the inquiry, with the committee to report on

  • the scope of opportunity in Fintech / Regtech;

  • barriers to the uptake of these new technologies;

  • how FinTech reform and benchmarking is taking place

  • current RegTech practices and opportunities; and

  • the effectiveness of current government initiatives in promoting a positive Fintech environment.

Sen Bragg's opening statement notes:

FinTech is central to ensuring Australia remains a nation that creates employment and technology creates new opportunities


Australia still has much work to do to transition and advance our economy.

There is one mention of Blockchain:

How should Australia to take a prominent role in supporting and developing international blockchain standards?

More to come.


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