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Blockchain in Oil & Gas - 5th December 2019

Updated: May 2

On 5 December 2019, Michael will be appearing on panel at the Blockchain in Oil & Gas Conference in Perth Australia.

The panel will be facilitated by Nicholas Giurietto of Blockchain Australia and will feature the talented Dr Jemma Green of Powerledger, John Phillips of 460Degrees and Graham Oakford of Energy Australia.

The conference also has a great agenda and a raft of brilliant other speakers including Satyam Priyadarshy of Haliburton, PK Rasam of LINCD, Vidy Potyar of Curtain University, Gary Pogson of Lloyds Register, David Beros of DigitalX, Captain Walter Purio and Rowan Fenn both of QuayChain, Steve Asher of Mineral Blue, Jesse McMeikan of Deakin University, heather Delfs of Kingsland University and Shyam Mamidi of Natsoft Corporation.

We hope to see you there.


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