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CISCO Cyber Security Panel

Thanks to Antony Dougal Hawkes for setting up a great panel on Notifiable Data Breach reporting with Bastien Treptel and moderated by Marco Hermosura of Cisco (who hosted us).

Fantastic questions from an engaged crowd and a lovely discussion of the practical steps that organisations can implement now to be ready for when (not if) a data breach occurs.

The Notifiable Data Breach regime has been in place some 18 months and the subject of a recent review by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. The number of notifiable data breaches continues to rise and it is essential that competent legal advisors are engaged to assist in training and preparation for a breach, and in addressing the response to a possible breach and reportable incident. Lucky Piper Alderman has a top shelf team including Andrea Beatty, Michael Bacina and Jen Tan.


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