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  • J McGlynn and M Bacina

Blockchain Week Panel: Investment in [Blockchain] Innovation

On Monday Blockchain Australia’s Blockchain week presented a panel on Investing in Blockchain Innovation with Jonathan Hatch of ASIC, Chloe White of the Department of Industry, Jemma Xu of Redblock Capital, Kevin Saunders of Tribelet Capital and Justin Amos of Lygon discussing the challenges and success in blockchain innovation.

With Australia’s excellent handling and luck with Covid so far, the event was packed with attendees and had a solid online viewership as well. The panelists discussed the challenges to blockchain adoption and simplifying complexity, and some of the regulatory challenges as well as the importance of innovation driving choice for users.

Kevin Saunders, the Chief Investment Officer - Monochrome Asset Management, commented that "it's about momentum in the end". He said, "if the price is right, there's liquidity there and its growing - that's all we need."

But Chloe White, the National Blockchain Roadmap Lead of the Department of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources, raised a pertinent question, how do we make these products safe and accessible when there is such a great pace of change?

Since the introduction of this innovative technology, it has been clear that more supportive guidance and clearer regulatory parameters is needed to encourage innovation and keep projects based in Australia.


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