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OpenSC Offering Overwhelmed

Updated: May 2

Congratulations to Dermot O'Gorman and Reece Proudfoot and Markus Mutz for the announcement that OpenSC, a collaboration between WWF and BCG Digital Ventures, has raised US$4M to continue work promoting sustainability and ethical practices in supply chains.

Supply chains have been a fertile ground for blockchain use cases for several years now, and to see the backing of investment in non-token projects like these, which can provide much lower cost proof of certification as well as reduced fraud in supply chains is fantastic.

Or as Mr Mutz puts it:

"Those who produce the products sustainably and ethically find it hard to be rewarded for their efforts...customers find it hard to identify sustainably and ethically sourced products."

Hopefully not for much longer thanks to #DLT and #Blockchain tech.

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