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Amazon Advances towards decentralised future

Updated: May 2

Interesting products coming soon from Amazon:

1) Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) - spoiler alert - the reference to Quantum is more "Quantum Leap" than "Quantum Computing". 

This is basically a big normal centralised database with Amazon's promise it will put hashes on everything and will only permit track changes.

To assist that trust, it comes with a downloadable hash record of user transactions.

It's unclear how a user actually uses their own hash to ensure Amazon's systems weren't compromised - if they have to have an Amazon tool to check, then presumably that could be compromised and so the downloadable hash would be useless. But perhaps enabling some kind of downloadable copy of the database with the user's transactions and current hashes which could be compared locally might work. It is ultimately not really a blockchain or decentralised system, just a database with extra layers of security.

2) Amazon Managed Blockchain - spin up a permissioned chain in AWS quick smart as either private #Ethereum or #Hyperledger.

Great to see explicit support from Amazon for distributed ledger options, you can read more at Forbes.

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